Gator Math PreK, Kdg, & Math 1 Resources

 Counting and Cardinality

Counting by Tens (Kdg)

Counting on a Number Chart  (Kdg)

Comparing Numbers (Kdg)

Numerical Order (Kdg)

Number Bingo (Kdg & 1)

Connect the Dots (Kdg)

Odd & Even (Kdg & 1)

Ordinal Numbers (Kdg & 1)

Count us In Games (PreK & Kdg)

Base Ten Blocks (Kdg & 1)


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Addition with Objects (Kdg & 1)

How Addition Works (Kdg & 1)

Two Digit Addition (1)


Number Operations in Base Ten

Base Ten Bingo (1)

Math Basketball - Addition and Subtraction Only (1)

Measurement and Data

Measurement - Mass, length, volume (1)

Clocks & Time (1)


Shape Construction (Kdg & 1)

Pattern Blocks  (Kdg & 1)

Story of Shapes (Kdg & 1)




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